You Don’t Have to Live With Severe Toe Pain Anymore

are-hammertoes-cramping-your-styleDoes the pain of hammertoes limit more than your shoe choices?

If you’re like many women, the problem of hammertoes goes beyond your wardrobe frustrations. You’re either muddling through daily life in horrible pain or skipping activities you once loved altogether.

In your heart you may know it is time to take action, but you’re just too busy to take time off for surgery and recovery. Plus, you’ve heard the horror stories about the traditional wire treatment that requires you to put your life on hold: the weeks of metal pins protruding from your toes, restrictions on activities like driving, limitations of shoewear, risks of infection or dislodging of the wire, torn bed sheets, and the fear of wire removal in the doctor’s office. All these hassles, plus the possibility that the hammertoe can come back, probably make you think, “Never mind, I’ll just suffer through the pain.”