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  • Beth's Story

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    Beth, a 43 year old Cranston, Rhode Island resident, has endured the pain associated with hammertoes for as long as she can remember. Because her mother also suffered from this condition (as does her daughter), she did not actively seek treatment and resigned herself to the possibility that she may have to live much of her life in pain.

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  • Cynthia's Story

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    Cynthia, a 50-year-old Maple Heights, Ohio resident, has suffered from the agonizing pain caused by hammertoes since she was a young girl. As a teenager, Cynthia lived in Europe and often stuffed her feet into tight dress shoes, which exacerbated her condition. Beyond the discomfort, she was embarrassed to show her feet and avoided wearing open toed shoes or getting a pedicure.

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  • Inga's Story

    Inga, a 40-year-old Woodland Hills, Calif. resident, suffered from debilitating pain caused by hammertoes in both of her feet for as long as she can remember. As a child, Inga endured hours of ballet and modern dance classes and wore the accompanying closed-toed high heels for years, which likely contributed to the development of the hammertoes.

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  • joyce's Story

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    Joyce, a 65-year-old Sagamore Hills, Ohio resident, suffered from hammertoes on her left foot for nearly 20 years. After dealing with an increasing amount of pain and unsightliness, Joyce finally had enough and decided to find a permanent solution to her foot pain.

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  • Melissa's Story

    In 2010 Melissa, a 45-year-old Mesa, Ariz. resident, began experiencing pain in her right foot and found that one of her toes was curled in an unnatural position. The ongoing discomfort caused her to decrease her exercise, including her daily walks, and her “crooked” toe made it difficult to wear tennis shoes.

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  • Watch Renee's Story

    Renee is a press operator in a manufacturing facility, so standing on her feet for twelve hours a day is a way of life. When she first began to experience the pain she assumed it was job-related wear and tear and managed it with over the counter medication and by investing in expensive shoes.

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  • Wendy's Story

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    Wendy, a 58-year-old North Bloomfield, Ohio resident, developed hammertoes on her right foot in 2004. After surgeries in 2006 and 2010 with “K wires,” which failed to permanently correct the condition, she spent the next several years frustrated and in a considerable amount of pain.

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  • Cindy

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    Houston resident Cindy’s experience with hammertoes began when she was just ten years old. Her mother has experienced foot problems as well so Cindy chalked up her pain as hereditary problems that she would likely have to live with for the rest of her life. Over the years, she tried every treatment in the book, including new shoes, insoles, podiatry socks, pain medication, etc. but nothing worked. “Everything proved to be a temporary fix,” she said.

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  • Marie

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    It was 1996, shortly after she turned 50 years of age that Marie, then a resident of St. Paul, Minnesota, noticed that something wasn’t right with two toes on the left foot and one on her right foot. They were beginning to “curl” and she felt a pulling at the bottom of her feet.

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