what-causes-hammertoesCauses of Hammertoes? Foot problems, such as hammertoes, often develop in early adulthood and worsen with aging. There are many contributing factors, some of which you cannot help:

  • Heredity
  • Toe muscle or tendon imbalance
  • Prior trauma, such as a broken toe
  • Arthritis
  • Excessive pronation (inward rolling) of the foot
  • Excessive flattening of the foot
  • Tight calf muscles and a very high arch

However, women are more affected by hammertoes. Many shoe styles that appeal to women can look oh-so-good when worn, but cause the toes to be in an unnatural, bent position. This is worsened by:

  • Wearing tight, poorly fitting shoes – especially high-heeled and pointed shoes
  • Excessive use of open-back/strap-less shoes, requiring toes to grab
  • Wearing shoes that gradually squeeze the foot bones into an unnatural shape

While there are non-surgical treatments, such as splints and padding, in the early stages of the condition, the toe eventually becomes so painful and rigid that the only option is to surgically correct the toe. If you are investigating the MiToe™ solution, chances are you have reached this point and must speak to your doctor.